Initial Consultation:
Initial consultation will be billed at an hourly rate of $125 per hour and due in full at time of consultation.  A rough-draft proposal will follow.

Fee Schedule:
A Design Retainer of $1250 will be collected upon agreement of a project scope/design and prior to any work beginning.  Concepts Planning, Design Time, and Project Management are billed at an hourly rate of $125 per hour (including telephone and internet time).  Subsequent Design Time will be billed weekly and due within 10 days of invoice date.  Unpaid balances may result in suspension of all work and a 1.5% late fee will be added.

Design Assistants are billed at an hourly rate of $90 per hour.

One-way of travel is billed (during business hours, 7 days per week).  Travel expenses such as hotels, rental cars, airfare, and per diem charges are billed by retainer prior to travel.  Per diem charges are billed at a rate of $50 per day.  All project-related travel charges not covered by the retainer will be invoiced.

A surcharge of 10% will be added to all artisans, subcontractors, and/or other professionals necessary for project completion.  Such professionals typically require a 50% deposit per job estimate with the balance due in full at time of completion.  However, payments and schedules vary per trade/subcontractor.

All furniture, fabric, accessories, artwork, fixtures, lighting, and like materials are billed at our best cost plus a 10% commission.

Sales tax, shipping/delivery charges, courier fees, postage, administrative fees, and other like charges are billed at net costs for reimbursement only.

​We gladly accept credit card payment with an additional 3% processing fee.

Most furnishings, accessories, fixtures, lighting and like materials require a 50% deposit with the balance due prior to shipping.  Artwork, fabrics, and other special order materials/furnishings may require payment in full at time of order.  An authorization signature is required prior to placing any order for all projects.

Cancellations and returns may require a restocking fee and/or any applicable shipping charges.

Warranties and Guarantees:
It is customary that all workmanship be guaranteed for a period of one year from time of related completion.  Any and all warranties and guarantees of and by any subcontractor, manufacturer, or any other party or service provider procured to accommodate the completion of a project are made solely by such party directly to the client.